Trying hard to not keep up with the Joneses in 2005.

Out with the old; in with the new

Friday, April 15
If you've wondered why I've been posting so sporadically as of the past month, wonder no more. Sure, there was this little thing called the NCAA Tournament, and rooting for my Illini took up a good deal of time. But, there was also something else--a secret lover. Yes, dear old blog, sorry to have to spring it on ya in such a public fashion, but I've been seeing someone else. And, she's a looker, too. I'm packing my suitcase and heading for the door. So long, old pal.

The Blank Generation is no more. But, don't fret. It's death means the birth of a new fling. Ladies and gents, feast your eyes on this. My new mp3 blog.

If you've been reading my site for any amount of time, then you know about my friendship with fellow scribe Jon Wright, who runs Unfinished Novellas. Well, in an effort to defend against writer's burnout, he and I have decided to merge forces, to test the "less is more" philosophy. By that I mean, less individual work, but more sweet, sweet musically-inspired mischief for you, the reader, to enjoy. So, click on over there and bookmark it at once. If you're a fellow blog and you link here, please update your link. Folks, it's time to getLevitation.

The Noiseboy

N/P--Marty Robbins, "They're Hanging Me Tonight"

Quick update

Tuesday, April 12
Sorry for the delay again, but I'm working on something "new" that requires a bit of time off. Apologies, but the wait will be worth it. More bang for your buck, so to speak.

In the meantime, if you've been in the hunt for the new Jens Lekman EP, The Opposite of Hallelujah, I just received word that it's finally available for order here. Paypal is the accepted method, and the item ships from Canada. It works out to be about ten American dollars (shipping included).

Also, the new issue of Skyscraper is on the stands now (at your favorite record store/Borders/B&N/etc.). Issue 18 includes a feature article on The Living Blue (formerly The Blackouts) written by yours truly, as well as lots of reviews and other good stuff. Check it out...

N/P--The Sounds of Sniffles

Well, crap

Monday, April 4
I strongly dislike losing, and that's just what my Illini did tonight. It was clear that on this particular eve, North Carolina outperformed my team, mostly due to one Sean May. What I wouldn't give for a guy like that on my team.

We had our chances to win--we had our open looks at the basket--but when it counted, the shots didn't fall. But, don't hang your head for these Illini. They proved once again that they should never be counted out. They almost mounted another unbelievable comeback. Tonight, unfortunately, the opponent was just too good to give under the pressure.

Some of you are probably wondering if I'm ever going to get back to writing about music. Well, yes I am. But, not for a short while. A few changes are in the works. You'll be in the loop on those shortly. For now, however, just sit tight. (However, try not to sit as tight as I did during the NCAA Tourney. That's not good on the old ticker.)